Develop your role based business simulations easily & publish them with your mobile devices instantly

Create your cases and dialogues, make your employees learn by experiencing, measure the results easily while playing the game. More than 100 000 user experience in learning, recruitment, development programs, competence assesments, and transition projects.

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We are eliminating the everlasting struggle in role based simulation projects!

Your script editor, LMS platform and mobile apps are ready. Create your cases, publish immediately to your employees both online and mobile.

Measure the results, report, make analysis, and develop your organization rapidly. Use learning games, develop your competence in a fun environment while you support business culture based on experience.


Create your simulation scripts easily with our useful editor.


Manage on strong CloudLMS, assign to your users.


Your employees play in random scenarios with mobile devices.


Track, report, analyse, and measure all data on LMS.

Our customer portfolio

Comparative individual and integrated evaluations

Simulation Platform records every movement and answer that the player makes on mobile devices and evaluates of delete their competence in different categories as inserted. Throughout the game, more than 50 decisions and their effects on personal, business, and corporate environment are being evaluated.

Performance of the player is being evaluated in accordance with different points of view. If you like, you can use the feedback mechanism, which gives different kinds of advices to the player when they make a mistake.


How about creating your business simulation scripts using our software which consists of 3 integrated components and broadcasting simultaneously on mobile devices to the target audience?

Useful dialogue editor

  • Character designs are ready to use.
  • Creating scripts and games with speaking flows.
  • Choosing character's emotional situation during speech.
  • Deciding on improvement points.

Other features

A strong CloudLMS

  • Adding cumulative list of users via Excel or instant users with API.
  • Broadcasting games that are made with editor to users in line with the rules.
  • Tracking all user activities, broadcasting reminder notifications.

Other features

Mobile Apps: iOS and Android

  • Progress in the game according to the user’s speed
  • Presenting data gradually in accordance with development 
  • Encouraging the person to progress 
  • Progressing with changeable or linear flows at choice.

Other features

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