Some of the important features offered - Some of the important features offered

Useful dialogue editor

  • Character designs are ready to use
  • Developing scripts and games with dialoque flows.
  • Choosing character's emotional during dialoque flow.
  • Deciding on improvement points.
  • Developing feedbacks depending on winning scores.
  • Uploading new game fields and backgrounds, or choosing from the current fields&backgrounds
  • Uploading videos for introduction and/or any specific point in the simulation.
  • Uploading voices to the characters.
  • Making unlimited definitions on competence.
  • Collecting competence points within dialogues.
  • Evaluating game flow and competence points separately.
  • Copying dialogues (creating templates — Coming soon!)
  • Broadcasting games on LMS
  • Library of object and symbols — Coming soon!

A strong CloudLMS

  • Adding collective or instantaneous users on Excel or with API.
  • Broadcasting games that are made with editor to users within the rules.
  • Tracking all user activities, broadcasting reminder notifications.
  • Graphical reports, tracking in detail and analysis reports, tools of evaluations.
  • Multi-language, support of main and Sub Company.
  • Determining game rules on mobile app.
  • Creating team and competition fiction.
  • Broadcasting unlimited stream videos inside the game
  • Automatic e-mail notifications.
  • Advanced security and cloud support.
  • Entitling user roles (manager, instructor etc.)
  • Creating digital academy with 30 ready to use modules optionally.

Mobile Apps: iOS and Android

  • Advancing by one's speed
  • Presenting data gradually in accordance with development 
  • Encouraging the person to progress 
  • Progressing with dynamic or linear flows at choice.
  • Editing feedback mechanism 
  • Reaching the result with variable and different ways andoptions
  • Mechanisms of hypothesis, trial and error, and excogitate
  • Playing together or with the team
  • Providing competence evaluations and points to the player 
  • Providinf savings in the matter of internet bandwidth with pre-loading
  • Mobile notifications (push notifications)

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